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Tier 2 Travel Teams

Our 2021-2022 coaching lineup will be announced soon. The final team assignments may not be announced until tryouts as they will depend on AAA rosters and where players with parent coaches fit in. 


14U Gold

14U Black / Red / White

12U Gold / Black/ Red / White 10U Gold / Black/ Red / White

Head Coach

Final Team Assignments TBD at Tryouts

Oliver Wenck

Marc Deitsch

Allen Sprunk

Dan Dufek

JT Funk

Pavel Najezchleb

Kevin Karlander

John Orr

Mike Bozoian

Dustin Dilts


Mike Bozoian

David Ravensberg

Ken Boone

League Independent Buckeye Travel Hockey League Buckeye Travel Hockey League Buckeye Travel Hockey League
Practice Ice

3 hrs/wk


2 full ice + 1 shared skills/goalies


75+ hrs total


3 hrs/wk


2 full ice + 1 shared skills/goalies


75+ hrs total


3 hrs/wk


1 shared team practice

1 Ice Barn

1 shared skills/goalies


75+ hrs total


2.5 hrs/wk


 1 shared team practice

1 Ice Barn

1 bi-weekly shared skills/goalies


65+ hrs total



Off-Ice Training
  1 team session directly before or after practice 
1 team session directly before or after practice  1 team session directly before or after practice None

Tournaments / Showcases

3 3 3 3
Total Games 40-50 40-50 40-50 35-45
Estimated Cost 


($472/month + $500 deposit)


($462/month + $500 deposit)


($406/month + $500 deposit)


($406/month + $500 deposit)

Roster Size 18 17 16 13

Tier 2 Travel FAQ

With the remaining travel tryouts right around the corner, we have put together a sheet with the most common questions we’ve received over the past few weeks with regard to  Jr Fuel Travel, Tier 1 vs 2, All-Star teams, practices and format. Please check out the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

Q: What is Tier 1 vs Tier 2 travel?

A: Tier 1 is AAA travel hockey. Tier 2 is all full travel teams below the AAA level. For the 2020-2021 season, Tier 2 teams will be referred to as Gold, Black, Red and White teams.


Q: What are Gold/Black/Red/White teams?

A: Gold, Black and Red teams are mixed birth year teams at the 14U, 12U and 10U levels. These four teams are what we consider Tier 2 travel teams. Gold will compete at the highest level followed by Black, Red and White. Teams will compete at the appropriate level based on seeding in the Buckeye Travel Hockey League. For 2020-2021 all Tier 2 teams will compete in the BTHL. Tournament placement and non-league games will be at the discretion of the Head coach and managers with input from the hockey director.

Q: Why do 10U Travel teams cost the same as 12U? 

A: The roster sizes are smaller. 10U players can handle more ice time in games without fatigue and we believe that it is critical for 10U player development to keep the roster sizes as small as possible. 


Q: Where will travel teams practice?

A: Travel teams will rotate between Carmel/Westfield, Ice Barn and the Fuel Tank for practices. No travel team will have an exclusive home rink.


Q: How often do travel teams practice?

A: All 10U travel teams have two team practices per week (1 shared ice/one with only their team) and a bi-weekly skills and goaltender practice. 12U and 14U travel teams all practice three times per week with one of them being a skating/goaltending practice each week. For 2021-2022 travel practices begin the week of August 30th and end on March 3rd.


Q: What is the difference between Tier 2 Travel and 317 League All Star teams?

A: Travel teams practice and play only with their teams. Travel teams compete at a higher level throughout the season. 317 League All-Star teams are not full travel teams.  All-Star players attend all house league practices and get one All-Star team practice per week beginning in November. 317 League All-Star players pay their League Assessment and their All-Star assessment. Travel players pay only their Travel team assessment.


Q: What are the uniform requirements for Travel vs 317 Hockey League?

A: Travel teams require a black helmet, black pants and some version of black/red/white gloves. 317 Hockey League has no requirements other than the team game jerseys and socks.


Jr Fuel Travel Headlines