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The safety of your players and families is our number one priority. We have put together the following guidelines and protocols for all IYHA sanctioned events until further notice.  These items are non-negotiable for the safety of your family and to allow us to comply with state and local regulations in order to have the rinks open and players on the ice. The following guidelines will be in place for the entirety of the clinic and may be adjusted for tryouts and the eventual start of the 2020-2021 season as CDC and USA Hockey recommendations are updated. 


If your player or family is not comfortable with any of the following policies, you may request a full refund (minus $10 processing) for the clinic. If you would like to retain your spot in the clinic, all players must complete the waiver linked here before the first session


  • Please do not enter the building more than 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled ice time. It is strongly recommended that players get dressed at home, including having skates tied with hard rubber skate guards to protect your blades. Locker room space will be strictly limited to maintain physical distancing and there will be no locker room bathroom access. 

  • In order to limit group gathering in the rinks and to allow rink staff to properly sanitize, please exit the facility immediately upon conclusion of your ice session. We realize that this will be the first face to face interaction with many friends and teammates, but the rink lobby should not be used as a place for socialization and congregation.  

  • Spectators are restricted to one per player and must maintain physical distancing at all times in the facility. Masks are recommended to players and parents for your protection. Players should not wear masks on the ice that may inhibit their ability to breathe. 

  • Players must bring their own water bottles that are CLEARLY LABELED. Fill your water bottles at home. Water fountains inside the arenas will be off limits for public use and the sinks in the restrooms typically cannot accommodate full sized water bottles.  

  • Players are discouraged from participating in handshakes, celebratory embraces or anything that would violate physical distancing guidelines. 

  • All on ice sessions will be NON-CONTACT and players will be assigned to small groups with limited interaction with players in other assigned groups. 

  • Coach communication and teaching will be done with physical distancing and the aid of a personal microphone to allow players to hear instruction without congregating in “huddles”.

  • Coaches will wear masks when they are unable to maintain physical distancing on the ice. 

  • We encourage those with elevated risk factors for severe illness to not participate or attend IYHA events. Risk factors include but are not limited to the following:

    • >65 years of age

    • Asthma

    • Lung Disease

    • Heart Conditions

    • Immunocompromised

    • Severe obesity

    • Liver disease 

    • Residency in a nursing home or long term care facility 

  • Players and coaches who are not experiencing symptoms but who have a sick immediate family member at their residence with COVID-19 should follow CDC recommended precautions, which may include a 14 day quarantine during which you may not attend any IYHA events or a confirmed negative Covid-19 test before returning to participate. 

  • Sick coaches and players diagnosed with Covid-19 should follow CDC-recommended steps for “what do do if you are sick”.  This of course means no attendance at IYHA events during the required isolation and recovery time. 

  • The IYHA will direct families to follow the CDC Public Health Recommendations for Community-Related Exposure. This may include a 14 day quarantine during which you may not attend any IYHA events or a confirmed negative Covid-19 test before returning to participate.  

  • We encourage all participants and family members to follow the attached “INFECTION AND PREVENTION RECOMMENDATIONS”.

  • If your player or an immediate family member has any symptoms outlined in the attached “SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19” document see a physician immediately before returning to play.