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Pop Weaver House

Pop Weaver House Schedule


Age Division Birth Years Practice & Game Schedule


Registration Link
6U 2015-2013 Mondays 5-6p + 1 Saturday game


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8U 2012-2011 Mondays 5-6p + 1 Saturday game


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10U 2010-2009 Mondays 6:10-7:10p + 1 Saturday game


click here to register
12U 2008-2007 Mondays 7:20-8:20p  + 1 Saturday game


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14U 2006-2005 Mondays 8:30-9:30p + 1 Saturday game


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Supplemental Skills 2005 - 2012 Wednesdays every other week 6:10 - 7:10p $100/season click here to register

When is the first day on the ice? House League for all ages at all three locations (Pop Weaver, Fishers, Arctic Zone) will begin on Saturday, September 28*

     *Fishers 6U’s will begin Sunday, September 29
     *Arctic Zone 6U’s will begin Friday, October 4

What time do I need to be at the rink on Saturday, September 28*? We are currently wrapping up registrations and will be putting the schedule together promptly. An email will be sent to all participants with the schedule for 9/28 as soon as possible.

  • Arctic Zone Jamboree Participants – Saturday games will be played throughout the day (7a – 5p). We will coordinate a set schedule for each age group based on the number of participants that register. Registration closes Wednesday, September 18.

     *Fishers 6U’s will skate 9/29, and Arctic Zone 6U’s will skate 10/4

When do practices begin? Fishers and Pop Weaver will begin practices the week of September 30. Arctic Zone will only have Jamboree Sessions on Saturdays from 9/28 - 12/21.

When do games begin for Fishers and Pop Weaver: During the first two weeks, coaches will evaluate players during their weekday practice and their Saturday game time slots (times TBA). Based off evaluations, coaches will then create balanced teams and run scrimmages on Saturdays from mid-October through the end of October. The Pre-season Tournament (Nov 1 - 3) will mark the start of the official games.

I registered to play at Fishers House/Pop Weaver, do I need to re-register or do anything? If you already registered to play in the Fishers House league you do not need to do anything. Only players from the Carmel rink need to re-register.

Why am I getting a refund if I am Fishers or Pop Weaver House Player? In effort to maximize the available ice for the 2019 – 2020 season, and to create a standard season for the entirety of the IYHA Jr Fuel program, the House Leagues will practice 1 weekday and play 1 Saturday game*. As a result of the schedule change, participants from Fishers and Pop Weaver will receive a partial refund.

*6U at Fishers will skate on Sundays only, from 2-3p.
*6U at Arctic Zone will skate on Fridays only, from 4-5p

When can I expect my refund? Refunds are currently being processed, and you will be notified via email when your refund has been issued.

  • Carmel participants – if you paid in full or set up monthly payments for the season for $750 you will receive a full refund for your season. Your jersey/sock order will be cancelled and refunded for $145. You must re-register and re-order jerseys/socks at your new location of choice (Arctic Zone, Pop Weaver, Fishers).
  • Fishers participants – if you paid in full or set up monthly payments for the season for $750 you will receive a refund for $150. Your monthly payment plan will automatically adjust to reflect the new pricing of $600 (new cost for 6U’s is $300 and refunds will be issued accordingly)
  • Pop Weaver participants - if you paid in full or set up monthly payments for the season for $750 you will receive a refund for $150. Your monthly payment plan will automatically adjust  to reflect the new pricing of $600 (new cost for 6U’s is $550 and refunds will be issued accordingly)

What if I don’t get a refund before registration closes? If you do not receive an email from us before 9/18, please contact JJ Beck:

I heard that there is a Supplemental Skills night for Fishers and Pop Weaver House Players? Yes. Supplemental Skills practices have been added to both locations. Cost is $100 for the whole season. You must be registered as a House player at Fishers to participate in the Fishers Supplemental Skills practice, or be registered as a House player at Pop Weaver to participate in the Pop Weaver Supplemental Skills practice.

  • Fishers Supplemental Skills will be Wednesdays beginning Oct 2, at the Fuel Tank from 6:25 – 7:25p. This is available for all 6U, 7U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U. Age groups will be divided and will rotate every other week. Groups and rotation TBA. To register, click this link:
  • Pop Weaver Supplemental Skills will be Wednesdays beginning Oct 2, at the Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion from 6:10 – 7:10p. This is available for all 6U, 7U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U. Age groups will be divided and will rotate every other week. Groups and rotation TBA. To register, click:

I am a Carmel Select player, can I play House at Pop Weaver or Fishers? Yes. You can register for House at Fishers or Pop Weaver, but please understand spots are limited at both locations. If you register at one of these locations you will be placed on a team at that location for the whole season.

If I am a Carmel House player, do I have to play in the Jamboree Session? You do not have to play in the Jamboree Session. You can register to play House at Pop Weaver/Fishers (spots are limited), or you can wait to join the Carmel House league in January*.

*It is our plan for the Carmel House League to start an abbreviated season at the Carmel Ice Skadium beginning January 4, 2020 through mid-March. To guarantee a full, traditional season of hockey we encourage you to register at Pop Weaver or Fishers (limited spots available).

IYHA Jr Fuel is extremely grateful to Carmel Ice Skadium rink ownership/management for their efforts to restore the facility so that local players can continue pursuing their hockey endeavors for years to come. Thank you!

Will I have to pay for parking at Pop Weaver? Pop Weaver House players will be provided a parking pass for the season.

When will registration close? Registration for all three locations will close at midnight on Wednesday, September 18.

Will my player get their jersey on the first day? Jerseys will be ordered after the House registrations close (on 9/18). Players will receive jerseys before the Pre-Season tournament (Nov 1). Select players – your jerseys have already been ordered.

My spouse gets all the communication, how do I get added to the email list? SportsEngine allows for only one parent to claim a player’s profile. The parent who has claimed the profile must “invite” the other parent. SportsEngine does not give IYHA Jr Fuel authorization to add or delete members. To add a Parent please use this link:

What is the Jamboree Session at Arctic Zone? The Jamboree Session will be held at the Arctic Zone Iceplex in Westfield from September 28 – December 21. This is a substitute session in place of the Carmel House League while the rink is under construction. Each age group will be assigned a consistent 90 minute time slot every Saturday (except Thanksgiving weekend). Players will have 30 minutes of station-based drills and will then play a 3v3 (or 4v4) format for 60 minutes.

How will the Jamboree Session help my player improve?

Click this link to see a video from USA Hockey with NHL analytics detailing the benefits of half ice hockey with real numbers.  

Stickhandling & Puck Control – With only three players per team on the ice at a time, you will be spending more time with the puck. It is simple. More time with the puck = more puck handling improvement. Small area games create twice as many puck touches for kids as full ice games (see video linked above).

Shooting – Due to the smaller area of the games, there is more time spent in scoring areas. Cross ice games create 6 times more shots than a full ice game (see video linked above).

Passing – Because of the reduced area, players are physically closer to each other making passing a more realistic option. When players begin 10U full ice games, passing is one of the biggest challenges (see video linked above).

Skating – With a smaller number of players on the ice, all players are important to the outcome of the game and are more involved in the play. Players are on their edges more- turning, stopping, starting, pivoting and reacting to the play.

Creativity –Smaller space creates more confrontation, more battles and more decisions. They will have more opportunities to interact with opponents than normal 5 on 5, full ice hockey. More decisions, confrontation and reps create significantly more learning opportunities. Please check out this entertaining video highlighting the realities of full ice hockey for kids.

What are other important dates that I should be aware of?

Sept 21 - Girls Try Hockey For Free at Arctic Zone from 9:15 -10:15a. Click here to register

Oct 5 - "Celly Day" from  9 - 1p, hosted at the Fuel Tank (see details below about Celly Day)

Oct 22 - IYHA Junior Fuel Golf Tournament 

Nov 1-3 - Pre-Season Tournament (at Fishers and at Pop Weaver)

Nov 28 - Dec 1 - No House practices/games

Dec 22 - Jan 3 - No House practices/games (we will return for games on Jan 4, and practices will resume on Jan 6)

What is Celly Day? Saturday, October 5th, from 9a – 1p, “Celly Day” will be hosted at the Fuel Tank. All players from all locations are invited to Celly Day! This will be a fun-filled family day to celebrate the beginning of a fantastic hockey season. Join us for a variety of carnival-type activities: dunk tank (dunk your coach!), face painting, balloon artist, puck plinko, frisbee toss, super deker, cake table, duck pond, dime toss, and more). Celly Day will serve as one of many fundraisers this year. Tickets for activities will be available for purchase on-site. We need volunteers to help make this event a success. Please sign up to volunteer:

We thank you for feedback and suggestions regarding the upcoming season. It is our goal for all IYHA Jr Fuel players to have a fun and competitive experience, but we need everyone’s support to make this happen. Our youth players deserve to practice/play in a supportive and positive environment…so, we ask that everyone please be mindful of conversations and actions when at the rink. Let’s get behind these young players and help them continue to develop their hockey skills and grow their passion for the sport.

Thank you,

IYHA Jr Fuel

*Players with a set of Jr Fuel black and white game jerseys and socks from last season will not need to purchase new uniforms. If you do not have a set of Jr Fuel jerseys or need to get a larger size, you must purchase a set separately with your registration ($145.00)