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18U AAA Player Drafted In the USHL!

By admin 05/28/2021, 3:00pm EDT

18U AAA forward JJ Grainda was selected by the Waterloo Blackhawks of the USHL.

The United States Hockey League is the only Tier 1 junior league in the country and boasts a 95% promotion rate to NCAA Division 1 hockey. 

Grainda is the first local player drafted into the nation’s top junior league directly out of the IYHA or any other locally based team in over 10 years. The youngest of four hockey playing brothers, he started skating at the age of four at the Carmel Ice Skadium. JJ played through every iteration of local travel hockey including the Jr Ice, Strong, Racers and now Jr Fuel 18U AAA. 

The 6’4” Carmel native scored 20 goals and 20 assists for 40 points in the regular season and had a tremendous NAPHL playoff with 4 goals and 6 points in only 3 games. 

Grainda was tendered early in the season by the Chippewa Steel of the NAHL and spent the last month with the team battling for a spot on the ‘21-’22 roster. 

Congratulations to JJ and the Grainda family for being a trailblazer for local players moving on the hockey’s highest levels while staying home and representing Indy hockey! 

Grant Hutton (Carmel), a featured Hero in 2019, was just called up to the New York Islanders! Grant was the captain of the Miami University NCAA D-1 club when he graduated in 2019. Upon graduation, he signed with the Islanders and had a tremendous rookie season last year in Bridgeport of the AHL, scoring 21 points in 55 games as a defenseman. Grant is currently on the Islanders taxi squad awaiting the call for his first game in the SHOW! Keep an eye on their lineup in the coming weeks to make sure you don’t miss his first NHL game!
Jackson Pierson (Zionsville) was recently named a finalist for the Walter Brown Award. The award is presented annually to the top American born NCAA D-1 hockey player in New England. Jackson is finishing up his junior year at the University of New Hampshire and led the team in scoring, racking up 25 points in 23 games for the Wildcats. Pierson joined us for Hometown Heroes in the first edition in 2018. 


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Hometown Heroes Is Back!

By admin 03/22/2021, 11:00am EDT

“A different example of this phenomenon began on a blustery day in May 1954, when a skinny Oxford medical student named Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes. The broad outlines of his achievement are well known: how physiologists and athletes alike regarded the four-minute mile as an unbreakable physiological barrier; how Bannister systematically attacked the record; how he broke the mark by a fraction of a second, earning headlines around the world and lasting fame for what Sports Illustrated later called the single greatest athletic accomplishment of the twentieth century.

Less well known is what happened in the weeks after Bannister’s feat: another runner, an Australian named John Landy, also broke the four-minute barrier. The next season a few more runners did too. Then they started breaking it in droves. Within three years no fewer than seventeen runners had matched the greatest sporting accomplishment of the twentieth century. Nothing profound had changed. The track surfaces were the same, the training was the same, the genes were the same. To chalk it up to self-belief or positive thinking is to miss the point. The change didn’t come from inside the athletes: they were responding to something outside them. The seventeen runners had received a clear signal—you can do this too—and the four-minute mark, once an insurmountable wall, was instantly recast as a stepping-stone.”  The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

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