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Meet one of our 2017 St. Baldrick's and IYHA FACEOFF Against Pediatric Cancer honor kids - Ellott Ogle

By admin, 02/27/17, 11:15AM EST


Our fundraising event is just 4 days away!

I would like to introduce Elliot Ogle as written by his mom Rebecca.


Elliott is a fifth-grader at Westfield Intermediate School and in his last year of treatment for leukemia.


Elliott had been saying for weeks that his stamina was gone, his legs were hurting or tired, just didn't have a lot of energy. My mom had commented "Elliott looks like he was coming down with something."  Notes from his resource teachers and reading tutor about looking pale or being very tired had been coming home for a few weeks.  After a few days of being sick, with what we thought was a virus or mono, his pediatrician order blood labs.  This was after several weeks of Elliott not feeling his best but most days that wasn’t easy to discern.  Elliott was diagnosed bipolar in the fall of 2012 and his medications can make him tired and his legs ache so these early symptoms were misread.  I'm grateful his resource teacher insisted the nurse call me that Friday morning when his symptoms sent him to the nurse. I called and got him into the pediatrician that afternoon. I remember the time so well because instead of watching his 3rd grade class’ Veterans Day program with his grandparents, we were sitting in a doctor’s office waiting on blood labs. Three hours and one heart wrenching phone call later we met nurse Shelly on the fourth floor at Riley north; our pediatrician had arranged for a direct admission. November 14, 2014.


Elliott was diagnosed with ALL type b. It is curable and has the highest success rate, meaning: if we follow the 36 month treatment plan the leukemia should not return.  His last scheduled dose of chemo is January 26, 2018.


I remember the first night at Riley when Jason and I decided to post “leukemia” on Facebook, realizing we need prayers more than we need privacy.  Our faith in God has grown stronger and we have experienced, first hand, the power of prayer.


The community has been amazing – the school, coaches, teachers, classmates  -their compassion has been overwhelming.  We are so grateful for the love and support this community has shown Elliott and our whole family.  Friends and family have been there supporting us since his first stay in the hospital after diagnosis.  Calls, text, cards and gifts to help pass the time and divert Elliott’s attention.  I’ll apologize now for leaving anyone out as sometime we didn’t know who our angels were but everything has been appreciated.   We’ve had help and support from the Carey ridge PTO, the WYSI community, especially my fellow board members and his 3rd grade football commissioner, coaches and teammates, the high school football team and players, Owen’s friends.  Mealtrain was started around thanksgiving and has been a huge help, especially during his hospital stay the first ½ of December.  My sister and close family friends organized a booster campaign (t shirts) as well as a silent auction to help raise money for medical bills along with Elliott’s army bracelet sales and other donations.  We are so grateful for this help.  The strength we gain from those whom rallied behind Elliott and our family is indescribable.  That first Christmas break, Missy Smaagaard delivered 1000 origami cranes made by the Ms Stella’s 5th grade math triad (Augie Stella and Elliott were in 2nd grade together and his Mom teaches mate at WIS).  These now hang in our front room as a constant reminder of the power of prayer and knowing he’s on the path to being cancer free.  Elliott’s signed up for WYSI baseball again this summer and he’s been able to go back to karate for a few weeks now.   


We send out a heartfelt thank you!  We have been blessed by family, friends, Elliott’s school, teammates, classmates and the community.