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Our 4th Annual IYHA & St. Baldrick's FACEOFF Against Pediatric Cancer Event Is Just 3 Weeks Away!

By admin, 02/09/17, 2:45PM EST


"Good Hair" Days for EVERYONE!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider shaving your head at our IYHA and St. Baldrick's FACEOFF Against Pediatric Cancer event March 3-4, 2017!

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        Top 10 Reasons to Shave Your Head
        10.  No more Helmet head!
        9.      It cuts your getting-ready time in half which means MORE SLEEP!
        8.      Roll the car windows down and you still don’t have to worry about windblown hair when you reach your destination!
        7.      The feeling of rubbing your bald head for the first time is like no other!
        6.      It’s a conversation starter. An odd glance, even a quizzical look can lead to an opportunity to tell someone about the realities of childhood cancer and the NEED for funding for vital research.
        5.      You ALWAYS have a good hair day! Say good-bye to bed head!
        4.      Think of all the money you’ll save! Haircuts, shampoo, hair spray, gel… there’s a whole list of items that you won’t have any need.
        3.      Zombies won’t have anything to grab onto - you’ve made it 10x more difficult for the zombies to catch you and nobody wants to be zombie bait!
        2.      Show kids and adults fighting cancer that it is COOL not to have any hair. That beauty is not defined by what is or isn’t on your head.
        1.        To raise money for life-saving childhood cancer research! 


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