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March Newsletter - Sponsored by Proper Pucks

Quick View Of What's Happening This Spring and Summer!

April 8 - May 16: Spring Hockey Prospects Clinics. Click to Register

April 13 -14: Indiana Elite Boys 10U - 16U Tryouts. Click to Register

May 4-5: Indiana Elite Girls 12-19U Tryouts: Click to Register

May 17 - 19: IYHA Jr Fuel Tryouts for Girls (10U and 12U) and Gold/Black/Red/White (10U-14U) teams. Click to Register

June 1 - 2: 18U Indiana Elite Boys Tryouts. Click to Register

June 17 - 21: Hometown Heroes Camp. Click to Register

March Newsletter Sponsored by Proper Pucks







317 Hockey League Guenin Cup Results!

2023 - 2024!

Thank you to all the 317 Hockey League players, parents, and coaches for an incredible finish to another exciting season! A big round of applause to the Guenin Cup champions below. 

(Registration for the 317HL 2024 - 2025 season will be coming out soon. An email will be sent once the registration has been released)

Remembering Rolland "Whitey" Guenin
1933 - 2016

Born in South Bend, Whitey was a veteran the Korean War. He worked for many years as a manager of the Coliseum at the State Fair Grounds. As a driven professional with a passion for ice hockey. Whitey played for the Indianapolis Warriors and opened the Carmel Ice Skadium in 1974, where he served as owner, manager and coach until 2002 when he retired. Whitey was active in youth hockey and instilled in many youths a love for the sport. He will be remembered as an inspiration to all that knew him.

We all know that cancer does not discriminate, and everyone has been touched by this horrible disease in some way, including our Guenin Cup namesake. Sadly, Whitey was taken from us too soon on June 27, 2016 after a valiant battle with cancer. 







Grayson Armstrong
Nash Dickmeyer
John Gaylor
Franz-Emmerich Peters
Jack Proctor
Elijah Sprunger
Emerson Stewart
Jaxson Stewart
Nikolas Todd
Coach Blake Dickmeyer
Coach Josh Proctor








Matthan Centers
Aiden Clark
Eli Clark
Liam Clark
Evan Pilli
Owen Roberts
Austin Scobie
Jack Terebinski
Kyle Tolle
Jack Van Renterghem
Coach Josh Terebinski
Coach Zachary Tolle
Coach Kevin Clark








Archer Argus
Fletcher Boynton
Owen Calton
Hudson Fleischer
Louie Julka
Jacob Nowaldy
Ryan Roach
Gabriel Thompson
Sebastian White
Jackson Wright
Coach Rodney Calton
Coach Adam Fleischer
Coach Chris Julka
Coach John Roach








Keegan Anderson
Evan Davis
Owen Gardner
Finley Hammond
Graham Harpe
John June
Hudson Keeler
Rowan Koopman
Remi Krepper
Seamus McWilliams
James Reynolds
Connor Rothenberger
Carson Schweitzer
James Thomas
Coach Ian Keeler
Coach Kevin McWilliams
Coach Derek Krepper








Wyatt Adair
Noah Albrecht
Maddox Bongen
Oliver Fagan
Brady Lee
John Martin
Oliver Neal
Liam Oquin
Wade Ricchiuto
Theodore Singleton
Emmanuel White
Coach Doug Fagan
Coach Jake Adair
Coach Russell White








Franklin Ansell

Gabriel Cao
Jack Cao
Patrick Crawford
William Esposito
Malcolm Frederiks
Josiah Gray
Jackson Kohan
Corbin Nicholas
Xavier Pierman
Jeremiah Richardson
Joseph Rues
Grayson Snyder
Coach Jeanne Rues
Coach Mike Crawford

18U Guenin Cup Champions

Alex Anderson
Alexander Krivan
Andrew Carney
Brendan Laramie
Briana Aiken
Caden Callender
Carson Reed
Cody Barney
Connor Laramie
Daniel Piedra
Delaney Grimm
Dmitry Barney
Eli Rainey
Elijah Knipe
Grant Haas
Hayden Kauffman
Jackson Gentry
Jonah Ardayfio
Jonah Robinson
Jonathan White
Josilyn Froehlke
Keira York
Lillian Haskett
Lola Cherf
Lucian Reichart
Maeve Butler
Michael Dobbs
Morgan MacFarlane
Nicholas Luther
Patrick Clancy
Rylan Hogreve
Tate Watson
Tatum Coker
Walter McNew
Willy McCombs
Xander Falcon
Coach Aaron Froehlke
Coach Harlan Kauffman
Coach Rick Laramie
Coach Nathan York


Team Katzfey/Custis/Rapp

Asa Ardayfio

Zoe Cabrera
Riley Corbett
Claire Custis
Adelaide Johnson
Elizabeth Katzfey
Harper Kibbe
Mallary Lintner
Juliet Morley
Emma Radford
Isabel Rapp
Aubree Uzubell
Amira Warriner
Chloe Wilson
Coach Chris Katzfey
Coach Kevin Custis
Coach Kris May
Coach Dustin Rapp


IYHA Jr Fuel is extremely fortunate to have parents volunteer each season to coach over 40 teams in the 317 Hockey League. 

Being a coach takes a great deal of time, planning, enthusiasm, and passion. But a great coach makes fun the priority of the game...not personal desire to win. Additionally, a great coach treats each player as an individual and helps them to be the best they can be. They make an effort to improve their own coaching skills and learn how to be a better coach.  Lastly, they are a role model for our youth and display sportsmanship on and off the ice. 

After the Guenin Cup, we asked the 317 Hockey League families to nominate coaches that went above and beyond this season. The response was incredible! Thank you to all that took time to nominate and share stories about your coach and your season. Please read below to see the results.

317HL Coach of the Year Nominees:

Michael Barone              
Rodney Calton
Jim Caulfield
Anthony Del Giudice

Derek Dial
Doug Fagan
Nate Flannery

Matt Heckaman
Matt Landrigan
Rick Laramie
Kevin McWilliams
Suzy Nasser-Bachman
Ari Potash
Jeanne Rues
Nick Traxler


2023 - 2024 Coach of the Year goes to Jeanne Rues. Congratulations, Coach! And we want to acknowledge this is your second year winning this award! We are grateful for your continued dedication in the program and are inspired by your actions on and off the ice. Take a look at what your players and families have shared about their season under your leadership. 

"The Coach created a positive environment of FUN, she encouraged each player to become a better person and lastly; become a better player. She presented hockey concepts appropriate for the age group. She made them play better by having FUN. You need to bottle or can her approach and you'll have every single player return the next year to play hockey."

"Coach Rues helped our boys improve their game in so many ways. She was also kind and inspiring, with her first goal just being that the boys had fun. She was an excellent communicator with the parents as well. My husband recorded her end-of-season talk with her team and shared it with our other kids because she knows just what to say to young athletes; she truly has a gift for youth sports. And her team was also successful on the ice—very few losses! We had such a great season with Coach Rues!!"

"Coach Rues cares about each player as an individual. She makes sure the kids not only play as a team, she makes sure they have fun."

"Coach Rues is the most dedicated coach we’ve ever known. Fun was ALWAYS the priority, but so was demonstrating respect to one another, and becoming a better person. She instilled these principles in the kids every practice and every game. The team had some serious ups and downs this season, with infighting and jealousy and competitiveness that kept them from working well together as a team (despite winning many games they played). Coach Rues wouldn't stop pushing to get them to focus on the game being FUN and to support one another."

"Coach Rues is the most inspiring Coach I have ever met. The time and effort she puts into coaching the players, and the care she takes with each of them to get them to improve on both an individual and team level is simply amazing."

Body-Contact Skill Development 'Crucial' for Girls

It's a common misconception that girls and women's hockey lacks any form of contact due to the prohibition of body-checking. However, the reality is far more nuanced.

While body-checking remains off-limits, controlled body contact is not only permitted but integral to the essence of the game. Recognizing this, USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) is reshaping the narrative around body contact in girls' hockey, emphasizing its importance from the earliest stages of development, starting as young as 8U and progressing through 10U, 12U, and beyond.

Guy "Goose" Gosselin, a regional manager for USA Hockey ADM, stresses the need for heightened awareness of body contact among coaches and players alike. He emphasizes the evolution of teaching methods, highlighting its significance within the game.

The objective extends beyond mere skill enhancement; it encompasses fostering safer play on the ice. Gosselin underscores the symbiotic relationship between skill improvement and safety, with proper training naturally leading to enhanced player protection.

The educational mission extends to parents as well. Kristen Wright, USA Hockey's manager of girls' player development, underscores the importance of parental understanding and support. By educating parents on the benefits of their daughters mastering body contact, potential apprehensions are alleviated, fostering a more receptive environment for skill development.

Starting body contact training early yields multiple advantages. The emphasis on cross-ice hockey in ADM's approach exposes young players to tighter spaces, naturally fostering increased body contact and confidence in game scenarios. Additionally, instilling these skills during the formative years ensures they become ingrained habits, facilitating smoother transitions as players progress through the ranks.

Wright stresses the importance of integrating body-contact drills both on and off the ice. Off-ice drills allow for skill development on a level playing field, minimizing discrepancies in skating ability. On-ice drills further reinforce concepts such as taking away space, proper stick positioning, and strategic angling, cultivating what Wright terms "contact confidence" among young players.

This sentiment is echoed by two-time Olympian Kacey Bellamy, whose insights underscore the critical role of body contact in player development. Bellamy emphasizes the holistic benefits, from physical strength to mental acuity, emphasizing the importance of off-ice conditioning and strength training in conjunction with on-ice skills.

Ultimately, a comprehensive approach to body contact not only enhances player performance but also cultivates a safer and more well-rounded hockey experience for girls and women at all levels of the game.

Please join us in thanking our volunteers who helped make this season happen:

  • 317HL Coaches: Aaron Froehlke, Alaric Falcon, Alvin McCarver, Andy Lanphere, Anthony Del Giudice, Ari Potash, Blake Dickmeyer, Brad Brutout, Chris Blake, Chris Katzfey, Craig Callahan, Darin Young, Dave Di Martino, Derek Dial, Doug Fagan, Dustin Rapp, Elliott Hultgren, Ian Keeler, James Caulfield, Jason McReynolds, Jeanne Rues, Jeff Merriman, Jeremiah Pastrick, Jim Hansen, Joe Rogers, John Kavanaugh, Josh Terebinski, Kevin Custis, Kevin Hampton, Matt Bojrab, Matt Evans, Matt Heckaman, Matt Landrigan, Max Woodbury, Michael Born, Michael Walker, Mike Barone, Nate Flannery, Nick Driscoll, Nick Traxler, Rick Laramie, Rob Whitacre, Rodney Calton, Ryan Beck, Sean Gatton, Shane Greulach, Shane Tilley, Suzy Nasser-Bachman, Todd Cronkright, Tyler Aguirre, Zach Miskovic
  • 317 Assistant Coaches: Adam Fleischer, Alex Contis, Allen Sprunk, Ari Potash, Ben Moore, Bill Van Valer, Bryant Wind, Calvin Shortz, Chris Julka, David Hanners, Derek Krepper, Deron Wait, Don Barnes, Doug Starnes, Dustin Rapp, Eric Buda, Eric Opalewski, Eric Scofield, Greg Price, Harlan Kauffman, Jake Adair, Jeff Merriman, Jon Hiles, Jon Skilling, Jonathan Skillman, Josh Proctor, Ken Primeau, Kevin Clark, Kevin McWilliams, Louis Gordner, Matthew Callender, Michael Born, Mike Crawford, Noah Herron, Phil Schaefer, Rob Anderson, Russell White, Ryan Nelson, Shane Tilley, Tony McClurg, Zachary Tolle
  • Lids Learn to Play Hockey Coaches: Anthony Russell, Ava Larkey, Bailey Putnam, Caroline Evans, Carter Scobie, Dane Campbell, Emma Radford, Jake Barnes, James Supernaw, JJ Harman, Justin McCullough, Luka Vargas, Luke, Max Johns, Natalie Jones, Nathan Harris, Nicholas Cavey, Tatum Coker, Riley McGuire, Robbie Allen, Will Ellenwood, Alex Welling, Aly Wetzel, Anthony Del Giudice, Austin Moore, Bill Butrum, Christian Saxhaug, Don Barnes, Jake Adair, Jake Moore, Katie May, Kelly Holmes, Mariana Perini, and Troy Williams

Tournament Volunteers: Adan Portillo, AJ McIntosh, Alex Welling, Alexa Parks, Allen Sprunk, Alyssa Fayemi, Amanda Levy, Amanda Morgan, Amber Welker, Amy Morwick, Andrew Jaynes, Andy Hazel, Aaron Froehlke, Autumn Whitlock, Belinda Hooks, Brad Kennedy, Brian Evers, Brian Bybee, Brooke Hammes, Brooklyn Penn, Bryan Doup, Bryan Power, Callie Harrell, Cameron Mollabashy, Carly Kingery, Carter Schoegler, Charlie Smith, Chris Whittemore, Christian Fisher, Clay Williams, Colin Williams, Cooper Alsop-Arbuckle, Craig Callahan, Daniel McGill, Dave Zink, Desiree Phillabaum, Drew March, Drew Welker, Drew Smail, Drew Anaba, Dylan Thornburg, Ellie Davis, Eric Hammes, Eric Murphy, Eric Opalewski, Ethan Fruehman, Gabe Howe, Geoffrey Miller, Henry Evers, Ian Kozerski, Jack Evers, Jamie Callahan, Jane Rahke, Jared Ellis, Jeff Dombek, Jeff Warycha, Jennifer Hanson, Jennifer Thornburg, Jessica Kozerski, Jim Caulfield, Joe Pavlik, Jonathan Stow, Jon Phillabaum, Josh Sokol, Justin Ramquist, Kalani Craig, Karen Haskett, Katie McGill, Katie Ramsey, Kaden Lai, Kash Borger, Keenan Hume, Kelly Holmes, Kevin Albrecht, Kim Beaulieu, Kris Campbell, Kris May, Kyle Davis, Lavanna Hazel, Liam Caulfield, Linde Davis, Lindsay Kinsey, Lori Halperin, Louis Gorder, Lou White, Luke Blanchard, Luke Detamore, Mariana Perini, Marissa Argus, Matt Levy, Michael Morgan, Monica Clark, Mona McCrory, Myra Crawford, Nic Sprunger, Nolan Doup, Patrick Crawford, Roman Gralak, Sara Morris, Sara Zembrodt, Scott Williams, Sean Gatton, Shelly Anaba, Shelly Anaba, Spiro Kantzavelos, Stephanie Thornberry, Steve Gredell, Suzy Nasser-Bachman, Tammy Borger, Trisha Costa, Trisha Schrock, Tyler Kingery, Vera Walters, Vivian Wolf, and Xianyin Lai

  • Advisory Council Members: Al Karlander, Ashlee Thompson, Calvin Shortz, David Goodrich, Emmett Glass, Jeanne Rues, Jennifer Hanson, Kelly Rynearson, Kristin Rapp, Michaelene Buzas, Phill Keene, Rez Mollabashy, Sara Fehsenfeld Morris, Sean Clauson, Sean Gatton, Shawn Zylstra, Xianyin Lai
  • 50/50 Coordinator Brian Pisula, and the 50/50 raffle team: Jodi Pisula, Kevin and Emily Custis, and Sean Gatton
  • SafeSport Chair: Matt Moore
  • Disciplinary Chair: Mike Bozoian
  • The Indianapolis Hockey Officials Association (IHOA) for all their efforts in making this season safe, fun, and successful
  • Registrar: Doug Losure
  • Bookkeeper: Andrea Cox
  • Billet Coordinator: Kris Campbell
  • Special thanks to: Clay Williams, Janette Gatton, Kimberli Clark, Leah & Phill Keene, Megan Shortz, Robin Dunn, Scott Heger, Tommy & Heather Schoegler, and Tori Dawson
  • Board of Directors: Ed Carpenter (President), Larry McQueary (Vice President), Brent Cox (Treasurer), Mike Aulby (Secretary), Josh Mervis (Member), John Cavey (Member), John Tiberi (Member), and Charlie Smith (Member)

We would also like to recognize our sponsors:

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Ed Carpenter

Larry McQueary      
Vice President

Brent Cox

Mike Aulby

Josh Mervis

John Tiberi

John Cavey

Charlie Smith


Derek Edwardson
Executive Director

JJ Beck
Director of Program Development

Brent Gwidt
Director of Player Development

Nick Johnsen
Director of Goalie Development

Ryan Beck
317 Hockey League Director

Kris May
Girls' Hockey Director

Barb Laughner
Learn to Play Hockey Director

Andrea Cox

Doug Losure

Mike Bozoian
Disciplinary Chair

Matt Moore
SafeSport Coordinator

Brian Pisula
50/50 Raffle Coordinator


Rink Partners

Arctic Zone Iceplex
16616 Southpark Dr
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1040 3rd Ave SW
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1202 E. 38th St. 
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