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Team Managers

Welcome and THANK YOU for volunteering to be a team manager.  As a team manager, you will  will work with your coach to coordinate many of the off ice activities for your team and it is recommended that you recruit others as needed to assist you.  

Your position is very important! Work directly with the coach and make sure you communicate often to bring your team together.  Coaches all have different styles and levels of control so discuss with them what roles they want you to play and where you can be most useful.  Coaches can also get bogged down so it is important that if you notice something may be being overlooked check and see so things do not get missed.

Below is an overview of some of the duties you will be responsible for, as well as other important information you will need throughout the season. You can, and should, delegate some duties to other team parents. You may wish to ask for volunteers for various activities such as tournament planning, event/party planning, team treasurer, and someone to update your page on the web site which is capable of scoring games and keeping stats on your players. This will help bring everyone together and create team unity.  As a team manager, you are responsible to oversee any duties that you delegate.