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Girls Hockey

'24 - '25 Girls Hockey Program Summary

Guiding Principles:

  • Create a place for all ages and levels of girls to play by offering a multi-tiered system for girls 
    • Indiana Elite - the most competitive option
    • Indy Junior Fuel - the next level of competitive play 
    • 317HL all girls league - Recreational and develops a foundation of hockey skills and strategy
  • Provide an effective system of matriculation for all levels of athletes from recreational to D1 college bound
  • Leverage “see me be me” to grow our girls program and push our kids to the highest levels of play

2024 - 2025 14U and 19U girls programming:

Tryouts for Indiana Elite and Indy Junior Fuel will be held together for 14U (birth year 2010 and 2011)  and 16/19U (birth year 2005-2009) 

Indiana Elite Teams:

Up to 18 players and 2 goalies from that tryout will be offered spots on the Indiana Elite 14U (B/Y 2011-2010) and 19U (B/Y 2009-2005) teams with all kids ranked from beginning to end. Specific rankings will not be shared but will guide coaches and administrators in creating competitive rosters.

  • Athletes are not allowed to double roster on any out of program team if they accept a spot on the Indiana Elite roster.  
  • If offered an Indiana Elite roster spot athletes would have the option to accept, decline, or defer to the Indy Junior Fuel roster

Indy Junior Fuel Teams:

The next players in rank after the joint tryout up to 18 and 2 goalies will be offered Indy Junior Fuel 16U roster spots

  • Athletes on this roster may have the option to double roster with another outside of program team although strongly advised not to in order to maximize the experience for themselves and the team.

If there are more athletes and goalies trying out than roster spots available in either age group, or some athletes are not yet prepared to compete at the desired travel level, those athletes could potentially be offered a practice only option, compete in our 18U co-ed recreational league or our all-girls 317 league to continue to develop their skills. 

Fee Structure for 14U and 16/19U teams: 

Each team (Indiana Elite and Indy Junior Fuel) will be independent of the other in practice times and game schedule.  Players will only be assessed for the team in which they accept a roster spot post tryout. Players asked to skate additional practices and play extra games with a sister team will be invoiced on a monthly basis ONLY for extra  practices to which they accept an invite.  Players MUST attend requested extra practices to be eligible for any extra game play.

Girls Indiana Elite

Girls Jr Fuel Travel

Girls 317 Hockey League