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Advisory Council

Purpose: Monthly meetings to work on the following items:

  • Direct communication with IYHA Staff Members to provide feedback and help communicate with each member’s respective segment of the IYHA.

  • Create and execute initiatives to grow awareness and membership of the IYHA.

  • Collaborate with the administration on development of goals and objectives for both the House and Travel teams. 

  • Cultivate sponsorships and assist in efforts of financial support campaigns.


Positions within Advisory Council

  • Chairperson - is responsible for preparing the monthly meeting agenda, facilitating the meetings, and presenting at the open AC meetings.

  • Vice Chairperson - assists the chair, and will fill in the place of the absence of the Chair.

  • Secretary - is responsible for preparing and circulating minutes of all AC meetings. 



  • Members will be expected to attend monthly meetings.

  • Attendance and participation in Council events is mandatory. 

  • Duties of the council may (rarely) coincide or conflict with your player’s games/practices. Attendance at Council events is required.

  • Deadline for application is June 4.

  • Meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month starting in June.

  • Two year terms with a limit of two terms.*

  • New members must be voted by a majority of current council members and approved by the staff members.

*The first Council will be appointed with half of the new members receiving 1 year terms and the other half 2 years. 



Staff participants- Exec Director, Dir of Program Development, 317HL Director

Members - Reps from each of the following groups- 12 total

8u (2)

Girls teams

10U House

10U Tier 2 Travel (2)

10/11/12U AAA

12U House

12U Tier 2 Travel

14U House

14U Tier 2 Travel

 13/14U AAA