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317 Hockey League

Carmel Evaluation Week Schedule 9/28-10/2

Monday 9/28 Tuesday 9/29 Wednesday 9/30 Thursday 10/1 Friday 10/2
6:15pm 2013's (Carmel) 5:15pm 2014 & younger Carmel Ice SKadium 5:30pm 2006's Arctic Zone Iceplex 5:00pm 6-8 yr old Supplemental Skills
7:30pm 2012's (Carmel) 6:30pm 2011's Carmel Ice Skadium
8:15pm 10U+ Supplemental Skills (Carmel) 6:45pm 2010s Carmel Ice Skadium
7:45pm 2009's Carmel Ice Skadium
8:00pm 2007's/2008's Carmel Ice Skadium

Fuel Tank Evaluation Week Schedule 9/28-10/2

Monday 9/28 Tuesday 9/29 Wednesday 9/30 Thursday 10/1 Friday 10/2
5:10pm 2012's Fuel Tank 5:10pm 2014 and younger Fuel Tank 5:20pm 8U Supplemental Skills
5:25pm 2011's Fuel Tank 6:30pm 10+ Supplemental Skills
6:20pm 2013's Fuel Tank
6:35pm 2008's Fuel Tank
7:30pm 2010's Fuel Tank
7:45pm 2007's Fuel Tank
8:40pm 2006's/2009's Fuel Tank

Hockey is back! We are excited to begin a new chapter of locally based hockey in the Indianapolis area. The inaugural season of the 317 Hockey League is right around the corner. Please join us in welcoming league director Adam McHugh to Indy. For all details on the costs and league registration please visit


We are very excited to announce more details for the 8U division of the 317HL. Ice Barn, the newest facility addition to the Indy hockey community, will host all 8u games in Westfield this year for a one of a kind, scaled full ice game experience. The 130ft x 60ft ice surface is the perfect development tool to prepare our 8U players for full ice hockey! 317HL players will be ahead of their peers having all the advantages of cross ice hockey but simultaneously learning team positional play and full ice rules in an exciting, competitive environment. No other 8U program in the midwest has access to this perfect combination of increased puck touches, passes, shots and opponent interaction while learning the fundamental rules of offsides, icing and progressing towards line changes on the fly! As the season progresses, Coach McHugh will implement lessons and points of emphasis every week to reinforce rules that will mold players for their next steps in full ice hockey at 10U. And with our new 8U division policy based on experience instead of age, players will be competing with similarly skilled and experienced players to make it a more competitive, challenging and development oriented experience. 


All 8U teams will have station based practices at their home rink during the week with 317HL Director Adam McHugh and their team coaches. All 8U games will take place on Saturdays at the Ice Barn (17341 Westfield Park Rd, Westfield, IN) located near the intersection of Meridian St. and IN-32 in Westfield. 


There will be a significant change to the original 317HL plan due to COVID concerns with regard to teams based out of the Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion. Out of an abundance of caution, for participants, their families and all others involved, management of the Fuel Tank and the State Fairgrounds have agreed to not have ice at Pop Weaver for the 2020-21 hockey/skating season. This decision has been made for the Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion only and as a result, we will not field 317 Hockey League teams based out of the Fairgrounds this season. We have adjusted our practice and game schedule to accommodate all Pop Weaver players joining either Fuel Tank or Carmel based teams. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we are excited to still be able to offer the same quality programming at our other home rinks. 

You can find practice nights and locations on the first page of 317HL registration linked below. Sign up today to reserve your spot in the 317HL! Hockey is back and we can't wait to see everybody in the rinks! 

317 Hockey League Registration




1st year 8U: Wednesday night 1st year 8U: Tuesday night 1st year 8U: Ice Barn (Westfield)
2nd year 8U: Wednesday night 2nd year 8U: Monday night 2nd year 8U: Ice Barn (Westfield)
3rd year 8U: Tuesday night 3rd year 8U: Monday night 3rd year 8U: Ice Barn (Westfield)
10U-14U: Wednesday night 10U-14U: Tuesday night 10U-14U: League Games between Carmel and Fuel Tank
All 8U Supplemental Skills: Friday Night All 8U Supplemental Skills: Thursday night  
10U-14U Supplemental Skills: Friday night 10U-14U Supplemental Skills: Monday night